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Dhammapada Stones Set in Garden

Post Date: November 3rd, 2011

Garden supporters Thang and Loan donated beautiful landscape stones which were placed this week, providing an area to sit and rest and reflect on the path of peace. The six stones represent the the Buddha Shakyamuni and the five ascetics who became the Buddha’s first students after he became enlightened. The largest stone will have a carving of verses from the dhammapada etched into it for all to read.

This 14,000 lb stone almost tipped the huge tractor being used to place it, creating quite a scare and then a laugh or two from the crew. From the flower garden of Genovieve Bliss, Pam and Valerie have sent dozens of perfect perennial plants in honor of their mother, which will grow for many years to come in the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas. Thank you for sharing this love. Other lovely areas will be created over the next year! Stay tuned for more!


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