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Garden Progress Update Summer 2011

Post Date: November 2nd, 2011

During an amazing summer of great progress on the Garden, many milestones were reached! We’ll start with the small stuff and work up to the big accomplishments! (Although it all seems so HUGE!) For most of us, water is VERY important for our health…for a Garden, water is a MUST have!

The irrigation has been laid and installed throughout the Garden, and a well, pump house, and some flower beds have been added! This addition to the first 100 trees that were planted last year means it is time to ask, how does your Garden grow?

In addition to this, the gravel inner-throne wall walkways have been laid, making it easy to circumambulate. And the outer throne wall walkways have just been completed as well in late October, just before the weather has turned!

In other great news, the one thousand stupas hand-carved from volcanic stone have arrived from Indonesia in crates.

Each stupa will have a Tara statue placed in the gau on the front of the statue. The Taras are being made by Dr. Tashi’s sangha in Taiwan.

The nuns at Rinpoche’s nunnery, Turquoise Leaf in Nepal are making the one thousand sogshings (blessing, mantra, medicine, the central channels) which will be inserted into each stupa.

Also completed this summer by Nepali artist Lama Sonam Tsering was the stupa on the Northeast side of Yum Chenmo. It is called “the stupa of reconciliation”, and commemorates Buddha’s reconciliation of the disputing factions of the sangha.


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