Khenpo Namchak Dorji is from Bhutan and an heir to Long-nying Choling Monastery. He graduated with Khenpo degree (Doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy) from Nyingma Institute of Higher Buddhist Research center, Sikkim.
Khenpo has taught Buddhist philosophy and Sacred Vajrayana arts in Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, India and the US. In addition, he has authored, co-authored, researched, edited and worked on the English translation of several texts on Tibetan Buddhism as the Chief Editor of Ewam Publishing House (also known as Ka-ter Publishing house). Some of the noteworthy ones are his extensive works on Namchak Tsasum LingpaPedgyal Lingpa and Yangti Nagpo treasure texts where he has researched, edited, proofread volumes/potis of the Tibetan versions to publish fully researched, edited and proofread versions.