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Manifesting Right Speech on the Internet!

Post Date: August 24th, 2010

There have been many milestone days for the Garden of 1000 Buddhas this summer, but yesterday was particularly momentous. Early in the morning, our concrete crew pulled the forms to reveal the very first “throne wall,” one of the eight spokes of the Garden’s wheel design. Of the Noble Eightfold Path to enlightenment represented by the eight spokes, this throne wall symbolizes Right View. This is the spiritual quality Shakyamuni Buddha said precedes all others.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Now, visualize it with 126 pure white Buddha statues arrayed back to back along its length, the wall itself stained a pleasing color, and walking paths and flower planters landscaped on either side. Now visualize all eight! It’s our goal this (very) short outdoor construction season here in Montana to create all eight throne walls before the onset of cold weather. This would set us up beautifully to finish the major outdoor construction elements next summer.

One element of the Noble Eightfold Path is Right Speech, summarized succinctly by the Buddha’s disciple Shakyamuni:

“And what, friends, is right speech? Abstaining from false speech, abstaining from malicious speech, abstaining from harsh speech, and abstaining from idle chatter—this is called right speech.”

A perfect guideline for the internet, no?

In that spirit, through our Garden of 1000 Buddhas Facebook page, on this auspicious full moon day we have launched an online campaign to sponsor the Right Speech throne wall of the Garden for the benefit of our virtual world!

Between today and the new moon 15 days from now, we’ve created the opportunity for our thousands of online friends to manifest the Right Speech throne wall. If you feel so inspired to join us—and share the opportunity with your friends!—you may either click here to make a secure online contribution (select the “Right Speech Sponsorship” tab in the second donation box under “Dedicated Gifts”) or send a check, writing “Right Speech Sponsorship in the memo line) to “Ewam”, PO Box 330, Arlee, MT  59821.

Thank you so much for supporting Right Speech!


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