Media-Print Articles & Photos

Buddhistdoor Global, August 2017
A Buddhist Garden of Peace in Rural Montana
Dateline NBC, May 16, 2017
In the middle of Montana, you’ll find a garden of 1000 Buddhas
Missoulian, August, 2017
Eclipse stays neutral in spiritual world as it fascinates physical viewers
MRV The Buzz, October 2016
A Priceless Piece of Mind: The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas
Vacation Idea Dream Vacation Magazine, Sept 2016
The 25 Best Places to Visit in Montana

The Holiday Lettings Blog, June 2016
12 One of a Kind U.S. Attractions You Can’t Miss
Missoulian, Oct 2015
Peaks and People: Montana and Nepal linked by Buddhists, Sherpas and scholars
Valley Journal, Sept, 2015
Celebrating Peace, expansion
Missoulian, June 2015
Buddhist Festival Reveals Colorful Side of Tibetan Culture by Rob Chaney
Great Falls Tribune, Oct 2014
Tibetan Buddhists Build a Garden of Peace in MT
Valley Journal, June 2014:
Buddhist Peace Prayer Goes Viral
Montana Kaimin, Sept 2013:
Peace Fest draws hundreds to Arlee
Valley Journal, Sept 2013:
Walkers Pray for Peace in Buddha Garden
Buddhadharma Online, Aug 2013:
Buddhists and Native Americans Gather for Peace Fest
Missoula Independent, Apr 2013:
Practicing Patience
Valley Journal, Jan 2013:
Buddha Garden Set to Ring in Tibetan New Year
Northwest Dharma Association’s Dharma News, Sept 2012:
1,000 Buddhas Grace Montana Peace Garden
The Valley Journal, Aug, 2012:
The Garden Cultivates Compassion
The Bozeman Magpie, Aug 2012:
Montana’s Garden of 1000 Buddhas
The Missoulian, July 2012:
Consecration Ceremony held at Garden
Missoulian Entertainer, Sept 2011:
7th Annual Peace Festival in Arlee
Valley Journal, Sept 2011:
First Annual Peace Walk Raises $2,500
Distinctly Montana, June 2011:
A Thousand Buddhas
The Missoulian, Tuesday, May 10, 2011:
Arlee’s Garden of 1,000 Buddhas nearing goal, one statue at a time
The New York Times, Oct 31, 2010:
On An Indian Reservation, A Garden of Buddhas
Char-Koosta News, September 16, 2010:
There was peace in the valley — the Jocko Valley — Saturday
Missoulian, September 10, 2010:
Garden of 1000 Buddhas hosts sixth annual Festival of Peace
Lake County Leader, September 9, 2010:
Peace Festival Prep
Ravalli Republic, September 1, 2010:
Local musicians supporting Dalai Lama visit in Arlee
The Bitterroot Star, September 1, 2010
Garden of 1000 Buddhas reaches into Bitterroot
Missoulian, July 28, 2010:
Art of virtue at Arlee buddha garden
Missoulian, July 7, 2010: Peace and cake:
Peace and cake: Admirers celebrate Dalai Lama’s 75th birthday at Ewam Buddhist Center near Arlee
Great Falls Tribune, April 18, 2010:
Garden of 1,000 Buddhas growing in Arlee
Daily Inter Lake, March 28, 2010:
A garden of 1,000 Buddhas:
Elaborate peace center taking shape near Arlee

Peace Garden Photo Slide Show
Missoulian, March 19, 2010:
Tibetan teacher says Dalai Lama’s visit will spread compassion around western Montana
Missoulian, March 10, 2010:
Dalai Lama will bless Arlee Buddha garden
Missoulian, March 1, 2010:
1,000 Buddhas: Barn manager
Missoula Independent, Sept 2006:
Rinpoche’s Garden
Missoulian, July 28, 2005:
Garden of 1000 Buddhas to hold Festival of Peace in Arlee

Television Spots

Right Now TV, May 2016
Interview with Namchak Khenpo and Lopon Namchak Dorji
KPAX, July 2013:
Buddhism Retreat Underway in Arlee, MT
ABC Fox News Montana, July 2013:
Garden Provides Peaceful Refuge
KPAX News, June 2012:
We Know Montana: Garden of One Thousand Buddhas
KPAX News, Sept 2011:
Ewam Festival of Peace Kicks Off in Arlee
KPAX (Missoula, MT):
Dalai Lama’s birthday marked in Arlee
Man Bringing Dalai Lama to Montana Speaks in Missoula
Peace Festival held in Arlee
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, June 2011:
Buddha Garden
KULR (Billing, MT) May 30 & 31,2010:
Big Sky Buddhas Part 1
Big Sky Buddhas Part 2
KPAX (Missoula, MT), March 19, 2010:
Man Bringing Dalai Lama Speaks in Montana
KULR (Billing, MT) March 16, 2010:
Dalai Lama to Visit Montana

Radio Spots

Yellowstone Public Radio, September 29, 2010
Peace Garden of 1000 Buddhas

Media Periodicals

Montana Pioneer, September, 2010
Dalai Lama’s Visit Will Draw Native Leaders of the Americas

Annual Festival Video Links from MCAT

Click the links below to view the 1st Annual Tibetan Festival July 2013 as filmed by Ron Scholl and MCAT:


Click the links below to view the 8th Annual Peace Festival Sept 2012 as filmed by Ron Scholl and MCAT:


Click the links below to view the 7th Annual Peace Festival Sept 2011 as filmed by Ron Scholl and MCAT:



You are welcome to bring binoculars, cameras and video cameras if you are photographing the Garden for your own enjoyment. Please, no commercial photography.