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Request for Items for Stupa Consecration

Post Date: February 26th, 2012

Letter of Opportunity to Contribute Elements to be Placed in One Thousand Stupas in Montana, United States of America

Dear Friends in the Dharma,

On behalf of Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche and the Ewam School of Tibetan Buddhism, we send auspicious greetings. We respectfully request your assistance in offering your dharma center and sangha the opportunity to participate in the meritorious activity of enlivening one thousand stupas. In July of 2012, the stupas will be filled, consecrated and placed in the Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana, U.S.A.  ATTACHED is a two-page letter that describes the opportunity for all people to offer the essential elements requisite for the vivification of each of the one thousand stupas. We ask that you please send this letter of invitation to your center’s email contacts so that all may be made aware of the opportunity to engage in the merit of creating stupas. The synergy of our efforts will bring immeasurable benefit to all beings throughout all space and time.

Thank you for your kind assistance.


Pema Kunzang Drolma
The Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas


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