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Sun Valley Fundraiser Brings Friends/Bears Fruit

Post Date: August 11th, 2011

At the beautiful Sawtooth Botanical Gardens in Sun Valley, ID, deep connections were made during a fundraiser for the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in late June 2011. Planned in cooperation by Ewam’s Development Coordinator, Raquel Castellanos and Sun Valley resident and sangha sister, Mary Ann Chubb, the fundraiser succeeded in more ways than just financially. Many Ewam members attended the event, some driving all the way from MT or other parts of ID in one afternoon to make the event including Lama Tsomo, Roberta, Trish, Alli, Georgia, Deb and Jason, Tsering, and others!

The Sawtooth Botanical Gardens and the Ewam Buddha Garden share something in common. The Buddha Garden is making plans to bring His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to MT. The Sawtooth Botanical Garden hosted him in Sun Valley a few years ago where he consecrated a prayer wheel built at the Garden.

During the fundraiser, while the community raised almost $18K for the MT project, the connections forged between the people of Sun Valley and Arlee, MT raised spirits and expectations of intertwined spiritual connections between everyone involved for years to come. Featuring excellent music, catering, live and silent auctions and breathtaking surroundings, the event was a smashing success all around. Lama Tsomo then gave a wonderful teaching the following day on happiness and its causes to an eager crowd. Many thanks must be offered to Sawtooth Botanical Gardens, all the supporters, Mary Ann Chubb and Raquel Castellanos for forging opportunities to share common values in extraordinary circumstances! May we continue to share the vision of peace and beauty in sacred spaces like the Gardens!


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